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Installation guide:

Attach the T-6061 aluminum front mount to either the seat post or back

 frame with two fasteners. Everything is included with kit. Shown with Full suspension with

aluminum extensions for easy attachment.


Attach the T5052 diamond plate engine assembly onto the front mount with one bolt. 


Attach T-6061 support struts with four fasteners. The wishbone strut will hold the

engine securely to the bike


Attach the engagement lever on the handle bar with one u-bolt with Kevlar cuff.


Attach either style throttle control with a Phillips screwdriver. We offer both thumb

operated or twist throttle.

Thatís it. We have a toll free hotline if questions arise.

We want to provide the best product and offer the best service.

EXAMPLE BELOW SHOWS how to do a shift on the fly upgrade. 

 Replace or upgrade engagement cable:
  1. Remove PVC,  compression  spring and turned eve-bolt
  2. Route 2.    Route new cable through Yellow tension engagement spring.


3. Bend wire around 3/8 threaded stud to form loop.

4. Slip aluminum wire crimp over loop/


5 Make loop tight around nylon bushing.

6.  Make sure there is NO slack at yellow zinc spring or turned eye-bolt

7. Wear gloves. Slip loop and aluminum crimp on top of an solid brace or anvil.

Hit with hammer to compress and lock the loop.

8. Reassemble onto threaded stud.


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