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Two and Four Passenger Pedal Cars may have bolt on engines,
This page shows our new and exciting 3 and 4 wheeled vehicles that are truly hybrid. These pedal vehicles can be ordered with auxiliary gas, and/or electric. Hence, hybrid power. The Miami Sun 24/20" tricycle shown is a special gas/electric/human powered trike. This particular model is special equipped to be used as a golf cart. (notice the carrier stand behind the seat.) This complete system, fully loaded with lights, baskets, and thorn proof tires sells for $1799 fully assembled. Self-install engine that fits most trikes kits start at $719 .
We offer top of the line Miami Sun, Schwinn, and Worksman trikes, and tandems, as kits or assembled and sold ready to run. The 4 wheeled vehicle is a Rhoades Car two seater,

To order or ask questions about truly capable hybrid personal vehicles that barely weight 100 lbs and cruise on and off road, call 1-406-652-6766. And stay tuned for updates. This IS a relatively new industry, but we have the background to build great transportation devices. We are the originators. We know how.

Multi-Powered Hybrid

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Hybrid Bicycle Engines and Power Supplies

This revolutionary process of development is taking place throughout the transportation industry. Our shop make it possible to power bicycles, tricycles and pedal cars with small yet powerful hybrid motors. Many people prefer traditional gas engines because of their extended range, speed, power and most importantly durability offered only by Dimension EDGE. Now the finest of both technologies are available! The constant rise in energy costs supports our  position. These transitional devises are tomorrow's standard.  It is a good way to conserve energy, and promote healthy activity. Good transportation, great recreation.




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