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Bicycle Power Distributor Franchise and Sales Opportunities

Opportunities exist worldwide for dealerships, franchise operations and independent sales representatives.

We owe a great deal of thanks to the people who helped us reach volume production levels. The internet guru's (most of which are Dimension EDGE bicycle engine customers) have helped make us visible over the internet. This has greatly increased our ability to quote volume discounts. We cannot let everyone be a dealer but call to qualify.

A small investment will allow participation in this fast expanding industry. You can represent the nations leading auxiliary power system with access to new hybrid power concepts. 


Safety for the rider, compliancy with laws and local ordinances, and simplicity of ownership are but a few of DIMENSION EDGE's edge over the competition.

Contact Dimension EDGE to discuss your future potential as a part of the Dimension EDGE team.

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Dimension Edge
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1-406-652-6766, or 406-962-8813 or 1-406-694-7261