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Mission Statement:

Reduce transportation costs through efficiency. Provide a healthy alternative. Reduce highway infrastructure costs. Reduce dependence on foreign oil. (less offshore drilling!) Improve access within public facilities. And do it through augmenting the humans ability to propel a bike on demand as needed. Side effect. Fun Factor of 9.

"Built for the long Haul!" was our first slogan. Photo taken at East Rosebud Lake, MT in 1987. Before the fire.

Motorized Bicycle History

Bicycle engines or  motorized bikes became part of the landscape after WWII. In Europe that is.  The need derived from necessity. Necessity to commute. Truth be known, bridges in GB for instance, were severely damaged. The country offered the first tax credit to promote usage because of  speed, utility, and the ability to be carried over destroyed roadways and rivers as needed. This made a huge difference in time going from point A to point B. In that country a front drive traction (now called "friction") engine was the local hero.

The French,  the German, the Italians also invested into bolt on power for bikes.  Fuel was of poor quality, yet the engines, while puffing a nasty exhaust, chugged along. Designs limited use to particular bicycle styles. But in those days, bikes were made locally. Whether using chain drive, belt drive, front engine, rear engine, hub motors, mid engine, or  traction  drive... well, installation needed a mechanic, maintenance was every day. Traction drive won out because it was attachable to more sizes of bikes  and easier to maintain.

 However, once factories and bridges were rebuilt, the economies recovered, motorcycles became popular. At motorcycle trade shows,  add-on engines for pedal style bicycles to the shows were banned . As it would deter growth of the industry. The shows only for motorized bicycles lacked interest and a bicycle engine was relinquished as a recovery tool. The market died.

However as time went on the old friction drives from the French and the Britain's version drove on and on. Why? Answer: simplicity, aka: low maintenance. (really what our product is about) They still run. Somebody kept using it. For thrift, for autonomy.

Motorized Bicycle flair  rebounded as a "tickle me Elmo" in the later 50's to early 1960's in the U.S. Got an old Boy's Life"? It's in there...


I took a Whizzer in trade at a show in Oshkosh, WI. 110 cc and will do 35. Sounds cool. POP, POP, POP. But sometimes I like a maintenance hog. The old heavy designs fit nice in our relics room. They show how we took a step back not to reinvent the wheel, but reinvent how it is built. Uh, well, how about "back to the future".

Chain and belt drive systems are an attempt to create a motorcycle out of a bicycle. That not what we do, or want for you. We want to augment your ability to  propel a bicycle

on demand.

"Shift on the Fly"

 You will not be accused of trying to circumvent laws that exclude motorized bicycles from the requirements attached to  motorized vehicles. The patented engagment/disengagement principles keep you safe, quiet,

and extremely fuel efficient.

And face it, its nice to be able to release the engine power with a flick of your wrist, hit the kill switch , and coast or pedal by, and then restart the engine by just engaging.

This makes us special.

Our History of Powered Bicycle Development

Since 1986, Dimension EDGE has manufactured auxiliary power solutions  for bicycles and other forms of human powered transportation. R&D focused mainly on motorized bicycles. But field experience as well as feedback from thousands of our clients helped us to get things just right. We field tested our systems at numerous colleges and loaned students our engine system with the instruction to "tear it up". It was a great way to perform research  and performance testing as the students gave our shop a real workout. This is how our patented engagement system grew to light and later validated for safety and strength. This also proved the need for various gear ratios. One guy may weigh 300 lbs, and need to climb hill, while another is a courier service traveling distance at high speeds. So interchangeable gearing comes standard with every system. One needs only a 5/8" wrench to do it.

Partly due to those interchangeable traction gears, our product proved to outperform whatever competition existed. The first orders came primarily from physically challenged individuals and those who had difficulties obtaining a motor vehicle drivers license. We  sold a considerable amount for export, as a form of efficient powered transportation.

News of our performance and economy spread only by word of mouth. We offered referrals instead of advertising. Let the proof be in the pudding, or put me out of business! Then we did one trade show and it changed us suddenly... size wise.

 In 1997, We purchased a new 5000 sq ft manufacturing facility located in Billings Montana. (home town.) Virtually all manufacturing and assembly is now "IN-HOUSE". Which ultimately with our 406# means great service and knowledge of parts if needed. We have the capacity to readily fabricate custom brackets and mounting devices from two types of aluminum 50/52 and T60/61.The combination provides excellent vibration and heat absorption. And  it is tough. Laser cut bearing plates and PTO transmission parts are superior. Please visit our showroom to see examples of our work.

Call 1-406-652-6766, or email us at edge@bikemotor.com


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