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The ENCORE "Shift on the Fly" systems Bicycle Engines

 Value: Simple Simon ENGINE SYSTEM :$499.

   Choose either  automatic engage clutch system, arbor drive, all mounting hardware, throttle control, remote kill. Three gear ratios. And much more!

20 Minute install. Guaranteed to fit without any bicycle modifications.

SIMPLE SIMON  Kit, $479. raw engine only: $319

SIMPLE SIMON engine mounts only: $119.

Simple Simon Clutch assemble with Angular bearings:$139.

 Order online click:


Below is video link. Click on yellow highlight. (we have many movies)


The video shows a standard bike with engine package at $699. Includes adjustable cruise control allowing 30 mph cruising, Speed control may be set to any speed or snap back to idle. Allowing me to ride hands free for filming the movie..

Kits fit all standard Mountain bikes, Beach cruisers, and Touring Bikes. Simply fasten 4 bolts and it is installed! No need to remove the rear tire. OR... 

Our well known ENCORE MANUAL or AUTOMATIC Transmission versions include four standard gear ratios at no additional charge. Interchangable in minutes.

 The ENCORE "Shift on the Fly" systems bicycle engine systems offer quiet operation. CNC balanced crankshaft with 3 bearings, plus two output shaft bearings. ( that means 5 bearings compared to competitors 2 bearing system.  Plus VITON bushings, and the new Auto Disengage feature provides “shift on the fly” clutch engagement and assures durability and smooth performance. The patented engagement system and Laser machined parts last for years.  One full. year warrantee. See us in action!

 Manual engage direct drive  $139(green arbors) automatic centrifugal  hub $199(red arbors) can be bought separately but come with systems. Each systems comes with at least 9 arbors no charge! Different sizes and materials for speed, or hill climbing is ANY weather.

WARRANTEE: Lifetime ignition, two year emissions, and a full year on all components. Plus these exclusive benefits.

1. Two barrel carburetor.

2. Forestry approved spark arrestor (removable)

3. Glass packed muffler

4. Variable spark advance. 1700-8200 RPM

5. Catalytic converter

6. CARB, EPA, and PHI emission and noise rated.

7. ISO 9001, 9002, 9003 manufacturing awards.

8. Fully enclosed engine cowling

9. Available in either direct drive or automatic.

10. Longer range fuel tank is standard.

11. Guaranteed quieter!

12. Four gear ratios included with ALL-WEATHER applications.

That’s twelve good reasons!

 $85.00 UPGRADE: Honda powered four stroke S.S. system




The favorite and arguable best, SHIFT ON THE FLY, everything pre-built engine VERSIONS for $649 include these benefits: Mitsubishi TL43-E cc engine surpassing the 2013 ISO 9001 DIN rating system. This rating depicts use of the highest quality manufacturing processes. The 9002 and 9003 certificates require testing each engine with a computerized dynamometer for power and efficiency. Click on the pictures below for a better look at our quality and options.

Four interchangeable gear ratios assures success in any environment.  

Up to 40 MPH, but cruise at 20 mph at only 68 dB. That’s quiet!

Go over 200 MPG on the flat.

Don’t wake up the neighbors.

No belts, No chains, No problems. Installs with basic tools.

Interchangeable gear ratios. Be hill climbing one minute, and high speed cruising the next.

The ENCORE system includes a catalytic converter boasting 75% less emissions.

The ENCORE System solidly outperforms the competition while being stingy with fuel. The standard one-liter fuel tank delivers over 40 miles non-stop at 25+ MPH. Gear ratios are included that can surpass 40 MPH on the flat! 

Standard features include a dual webbed crank, two ring piston, variable spark advance, glass packed muffler with US Forestry approved spark arrestor, 50 to one gas/oil ratio. 


Engage on demand. Engine self starts by pulling engagement handle rearward. Typical idle speed is 3 mph. Throttle up and cruise with traffic. But when you want peddle power, just flip the engagement handle forward, and the strut suspension (standard) lifts the engine off the tire. Hence no drag.

DUAL Secondary carrier bearings for durability and VITON PTO bushings provide smooth operation.  A minimum 1.785 European DIN rated horsepower is achieved over a broad RPM range providing more power than other engines. Engine output can be increased to over 2.5 SAE horsepower. Each unit purchased includes a variety of aspen dry weather drive gears and one all-weather drive gear. We also offer urethane gears and many accessories. The transmission shaft allows quick change or Direct drive rollers, from off road to all weather to high speed touring. In minutes!

The ENCORE "Shift on the Fly" systems system is great for Pedi-cabs, golf carts, and Quadra cycles. This engine has proved to be the leader in the race for clean burning two-cycle technology.

Order the Japanese SIMPLE SIMON S.S. Engine kit: includes  30 day satisfaction policy and full ONE year warrantee. $479

ENCORE "Shift on the Fly" systems DIRECT DRIVE Professional series "shift on the fly" ENCORE system $649

 On sale for less at(619)

Quiet, smooth, more powerful. Good words to describe ENCORE "Shift on the Fly" systems."


The upgrade is an insertion of a centrifugal clutch that is made from a lighter, far better balanced hardened steel drum, and TRIPLE  detent ball bearings from Japan. Fits 78 MM Clutch shoes.  It is made specifically to match with the New ENCORE Two barrel engine as well as many Japanese and some Chinese knock offs. The Transmission shaft allows quick change of the Direct Drive Arbors, to accommodate off road climbing, to high speed touring, in all weather conditions.


Extend your range of travel! Our auxiliary fuel tanks include tank, 33 cm  Cap for easy fueling, replacement fuel filter, gas line, and mounting hardware.

Prices vary on application.

Full suspension bicycles require swing arm mounts: Guaranteed fit $25.95

We offer great online ordering, but some accessories require a quick Call to 1-406-652-6766
Ask about our referral program and multi-unit discounts.

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