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4 stroke Honda GHX 35 cc Power  

The Honda is environmentally sound meeting strict US EPA Tier III emissions standards while still being very easy to maintain.  Cleanly, a best buy.

Order at click here.  Starting at $699, choose from 4 four gear ratios. or get them All because they ar so easy to interchage for hill climbing, to fuel efficient heaven touring. All Honda 35 GHX engines come with commercial centrifugal clutch whether coupled to the ENCORE "Shift On The Fly" engage system. This engine is recommended for touring and city use.

Call 1-406-652-6766 to order.

Here are the federal DOT rules for exemption.

  1. The engine system may not exceed 30 MPH on the flat, no wind.

  2. The engine system may not exceed 2 BHP.

  3. The engine system may not exceed 50 cc.

  4. The engine system may not interfere with normal pedaling.

  5. The engine system must not require shifting.

  6. The engine system must be a fully independent power source.

We fit all of that criteria. Because we worked with the DOT and CPSC. Subaru engine RPM governors and four gearing options regulate speed.  You choose how much to peddle as engine is fully independent from bicycle operation whether in use or notPedal with engine to go even faster or rip up steep grades.

Dimension EDGE shop are cited as the legal standard in many states  That is a real testimony to our time in the industry, and proven safety of our design. Contact us for the law library.


FREE upgrade via centrifugal clutch that is made from a lighter, turn balanced harden steel drum, with dual detent ball bearings from Japan. It is made specifically to match with the Subaru, Honda, and ENCORE "Shift on the Fly" systems engines. The Transmission has quick interchange system to accommodate all the gearing choices. The larger clutch drum engages at lower RPM's to ensure the quietest operation period.

We hope you choose Dimension EDGE. Thanks for viewing.

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