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Bicycle Engines by Dimension Edge

It has been a real honor to serve the Americas over the last 29 years. It was not easy to prove ourselves as our principles required neutral. Not found on most moped, scooter, and other variations of motorized bicycles.  We found that  "neutral", our patented "shift on the fly" gave us real legal considerations regarding the federal DOT regulations. Dimension EDGE has proven itself to be the undisputed leader. Competitors do not offer neutral, just freewheel.

First, engines must be dependable and second they must have power at low rpm. We are proud to offer the best engines  available for use as our power supply systems.

The ENCORE "Shift on the Fly" systems: Best all around. ENCORE "Shift on the Fly" systems

Honda AdvantEDGE: Silent but friendly. Honda AdvantEDGE

  We proudly offer a professional series Honda GXH50 cc engine that offers higher speeds and 260 MPG. The average Joe gets over 200.

 These engines will provide many years of satisfaction and performance.

ENCORE Kits and systems include:

  1. Four interchangeable gear ratios.
  2. Remote Kill Switch option.
  3. All Weather traction
  4. forestry approved spark arrestor.
  5. two stage exhaust.
  6. Fully enclosed engine (no hot spots!
  7. All the 2009 compliances. CLEAN
  8.  Lifetime Ignition Warrantee

Drive wheels are available in different ratios allow you to adjust your system  to handle hills or fly down the road. No one else offers this all this at one low price!

The quick interchange driving ratios offer the end user greater flexibility beyond the design of chains, gears, pulleys, belts used by competition. Our formula, of aspen and urethane arbors, is safe, lowers cost, and it does not wear out tires. Arbors do not get hot or break. The drive wheels (arbors) come in different ratios so the user can go from a slow speed hill climber to a long distance high speed touring bicycle within minutes. We also offer aggregate composition off-road drive wheels that perform excellent in mud, water, and muck without damaging the system or bike.

All components and cables are handcrafted or assembled in the USA of the highest quality materials available. Our drive train, aluminized mounts, aviation grade fasteners and hardware, Teflon/brass bushings combine to create a bicycle power system that's smooth, safe, user friendly and easy to install. Engine and transmission mounts are laser cut to precision tolerances for a perfect fit.


Dimension EDGE shop are perfect for work, vacation or just plain fun. Regardless of whether you are driving a truck or a motor home it's always nice to know that if you break down , run out of gas or just want to run down to the neighborhood store for a loaf of bread you can get there with ease and in comfort too!

ENCORE "Shift on the Fly" systems

HONDA  engine information

One can bias the ratio of the gearing on the Dimension EDGE systems to act like a Range Rover one day and touring cafe racer the next by simply changing the drive wheel. Speeds range from 3 MPH to 30 MPH depending on road conditions and incline when using a standard size drive wheel.

Dimension EDGE
ran thru the 1/4 mile at Lewistown Speedway Elevation 4500 with an elapsed time of  34.25 seconds at an average speed of 25.6 MPH and a top speed of 34.8 MPH using a 1.4 BHP engine. This was back in 1992 when things were slow!

Now we add 2 BHP!

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