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The Dimension EDGE Showroom : Find a similar motorized bike or a style that best suits today's motoredbike rider.


4 stroke engine kit for this model is only $599. Ask us to send all the close-ups or order the video. Available with 1.5, 1.8, 2.2, AND 4.2 HORSE POWER ENGINES.


This Beach cruiser with engine $699. And a legal version too. Oh so easy to own, Do it yourself for under $500 with Wal-mart bikes as shown above.

Below are older bicycles with our engines as examples. We do them bikes, Trikes and recumbents!

click on pictures, many enlarge or offer specs from associated bicycle engine pages

Folding bikes.

Motorized Full Suspension bicycles.

Mores motorized folding Dahon Bicycles

Classic bicycles including Schwinn Bikes.

Pedicaps and 4 wheeled bikes with engines and electric motors.



Bike motors for Recumbents and tricycles.

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