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If you buy our complete system less the engine component, we supply all the mounts and controls.

We even include drive arbors worth over $100 dollars. Free! Then choose direct drive or automatic. While we can't fit many of the Chinese engines, we do fit almost all of the DIN rated engine products. Designed to fit engines with otherwise 78mm clutch shoes.

Start by laying out all your parts.

Tools needed. One 1/4" allen wrench, one 1/2 inch wrench.

Start by installing the strut suspension to the engine mount.

Use 4 Shoulder bolts ($16) to attach the arms first, then the support body. Stainless/steel washers to outside, with the white nylon washer inbetween the aluminum parts. Then snug up the bolts as shown. The strut is pivoting for and aft, but not loose.

Now drill two holes into the support body as shown.

Insert turned eye bolt onto engine mount.

Slip yellow zinc spring through turned eyebolt and hook into forward hole drilled into support body. Install rear spring later.

Now attach your engine and tranny to the mount. Mounts are made differently for direct drive, vs. centrifugal operated systems to accommodate different bolt patterns for different engines.

Below are different mounts that attach to your new "shift on the fly" engine mount. This is a legal form of bike motorization.

Choose from different bike mounts, as this engine/tranny mount is universal in its ability to raise and lower while riding. SO below are additional parts you may need. We offer a complete package at a reduced price at

Parts price breakdown

2010 UPGRADES: New longer PTO shaft can accommodate 3 carrier bearing.


78mm clutch housing and matching drum only $149

 step by step instruction guide and installation book: $29


Numbered Parts List as in installation book.: Sold separate price. Package prices save at

1A: Honda GHX 35 cc ENGINE             $279.00

       Honda 35cc (not pictured)          259.00

1B: ENCORE "Shift on the Fly" systems Engine            269.00

2: Engine Mount                              129.00

3: Mount Fork                                  25.00

4: Mount Fork U-Bolt                         5.00

5: Support Body                              38.00

6: Support Arms                         18.00 Set

7: Support Legs                          28.00 Set

8: Support Forks                         14.00 Set

9: Drive ARBOR Wheels                ASPEN $8.00: Urethane $12.99 to 17.00 Aggregate style: $14.99 Compare to competition at $35

10: Engagement Handle                     9.00

11: Drive Cable  Adjuster                    4.00    

12: Engagement Assembly               68.00

13: Engagement Assembly U-Bolts    5.00

14: Protective �Tuffy� Strip                  3.00

15: Special Application Parts: Get QUOTE

16: Throttle Control Assembly          28.00

17: 5� Long Bolt Assembly                 4.00

18: Mounting Nuts & Bolts Bag          6.00

19: Turned EYE Bolt    4.00

20: Disengage Spring      5/8� by 4�    6.00

21: Cable Tensioning engage spring  6.00

22: Kill Switch and wire Assembly     16.00

23: Engagement Cable & Housing    14.00

This Honda 50cc is available at your local Honda store, or we can order one. Call for price.

Don't forget to consider the packages offered at

This is our new machined PTO insert $44











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