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Bike Accessories and Replacement Parts
THORN resistant inner tubes make sense. Four times thicker that regular tubes, thorns can't get through. What we love about this tube is hitting chuck holes at higher speeds will not pinch the tube. Solid protection for  $9.00 Many sizes to choose from.

EVOLUTION Police  Semi Slick Tire is a high quality Vulcanized hybrid tire with Kevlar. Excellent with HP engine systems. $26.00. 26 X 1.9 to 2.1

MAXXIS PRO 60 Tire by EXXON is huge! 26 X 2.5.  It's so big that knobby mountain bike tires can fit inside.  $49.00 Available in 24" X 3 inch versions  $45

Maxxis Hook Worm 110 PSI Free Style Tire for 20" bikes. Its made of 100% vulcanized rubber and has a wide, sticky tread. These tires are made to fly through the air and land with the greatest of ease. $33.00. Ask for sale price. (10/30/2010)
SPECIAL LED HEADLIGHT and TAIL LIGHT with 9 led bulbs, (100 hour run time) 6 batteries, quick mounts included. BEST BUY at 29.
Cloud 9 comfort seat has over 3" of latex gel foam on a 10.5" wide platform. Lycra cover breathes on hat days. Both tension and compression spring technology protects private parts from injury and shock. Recommended by Barbara Walters and 20/20. Only $34.99.


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Dimension Edge
43 Yellowstone Ave: Suite C
Billings, MT U.S.A. 59101
1-406-652-6766, or 406-962-8813 or 1-406-694-7261 Within the USA 
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