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Our History of Powered Bicycle Development

In 1975, a guy named Rob Felt owned a small engine repair business. And some odd balls were built. But nthey were heavy and illegal. But then necessity became the mother of invention.  "I wanted to buy one!"

No license, no insurance. Desire for autonomy. Freedom. Desire was the mother of invention.

Originally called "The EDGE" before incorporating (1986) into Dimension EDGE Inc. We, like many others, started in a garage. We used chainsaw engines of all things, while noisy they would make the bike go. Fun, but...Not something we would care to market.

We were all alone.

The product proved to quietly outperform whatever competition existed. At that time, the Whizzer, Bike Bug, Terra-bike, and a few flash in the pan companies offered likttle competition. The first orders came primarily from physically challenged individuals and those who had difficulties obtaining a motor vehicle drivers license. We also sold a considerable amount for export, as a form of efficient powered transportation.

We originally begin manufacturing auxiliary power solutions  for bicycles and other forms of human powered transportation. R&D focused on legal bicycle usage without the bureaucracies of motor vehicles.

Our first customers where handicapped, and or did not have a valid driver's license. Then we attended trade shows, and that changed how people viewed motorized bicycles.

This "Field" experience, as well as feedback from thousands of our clients helped us to get things just right. Our systems were tested at numerous colleges as we  loaned students our engine system with the instruction to "tear it up".

 It was a great way to perform research  and performance testing as the students gave our shop a real workout. Chain and belt drive concept work, but failed in real world situations. Things like sudden stops, chuck holes, and spoke frailties. This is how our patented engagement system advanced and is now validated for safety and strength. 

News of our performance and economy spread rapidly by word of mouth. In 1997, We purchased a new 5000 sq ft manufacturing facility located in Billings Montana. (Our home town.) Most manufacturing is done in-house, with many US manufacturing companies supply the rest.

We readily fabricate custom brackets and mounting devices from two types of aluminum 50/52 and T60/61.The combination provides excellent vibration and heat absorption. And  it is tough. Laser cut bearing plates and transmission parts are superior. We invite you to visit our showroom to see examples of our work.

"Built for the long Haul!" was our first slogan. Photo taken at East Rosebud Lake, MT in 1987. Before the fire.

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Interested in marketing our shop stateside or abroad? We have a sample package of four complete bolt-on engine systems. 25% off!

If you require more than four units, please call 1-406-652-6766 and ask for distribution/franchise.

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