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Touring bicycle engine.

More torque and horsepower than the rest. The idea with this largest engine is actually efficiency.

 Self starting shift on the fly.  It does big jobs!

Only American made quality components. Teflon bushings for quietness, and smooth operation. Stainless washers for clean, rust free look. Laser cut aluminum engine mounts for superior durability and longer life..

EFFICIENCY: 4 stroke engine conforms to stringent air quality standards.

A new muffler was designed to allow a forestry approved and certified spark arrestor. It is even quieter with the spark arrestor $25.

POWERFUL: The Honda engine is rated at 3 BHP at 4500 RPM, maximum torque at 2500 RPM. High torque at low rpm's is our advantage over the competition.  Less noise, better fuel economy and longer life.

ADAPTABILITY: The Honda engine system include three gear ratios to change the dynamics of the system from a torque filled off road hill climber on wet muddy roads to a serious high speed touring machine. Check out all the gear ratios on our accessory pages.

SAFETY: Our transmission allows any bicyclist to start the engine with the recoil starter or engage the system while riding and the engine will start automatically. Just apply any throttle setting needed to climb hills, putt around, or pull trailers on the highway. The aspen, urethane, and aggregate drive gears, all in different interchangeable ratios, propel the bike while being easier on the frame and tires of the bicycle.

Honda's two year warrantee includes the new emission advances. The entire engine block is warranted a full year. The direct drive PTO has 3 years. Everything we make also has a full year. We stock parts.


The engine has a standard block mounted on-off switch. A converted Mitsubishi remote kill switch for $29 is available. A handy item really. It includes HONDA style plug ins and choice of remote positioning.

SAE Power Rating: 3  BHP, 2.5 DIN
49 cc air-cooled 4-cycle
Standard fuel capacity: 1.5 LITERS GOOD FOR OVER 70 MILE!
Shrouded engine Protection
No chains to stretch, throw oil all over, rust and derail. No fan belts to burn up, slip when wet, or snag loose clothing. That gets nasty!


Safe and dependable: We truly believe Honda can be a good friend on the road. With over 250 MPG on the flat at speeds of 25 MPH.