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Offering bicycle engines, motorized bikes, folding bikes, electric bicycle kits, bike motors, moped parts, both gas and electric motors below. Motorize your bicycle with Dimension EDGE bike engines.

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2013 SS AZTEC Bicycle Engine system .

Build your own "shift on the fly" system

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32 Years manufacturing motorized bikes for the common bicycle . Bike Engines one can easily add to their existing bike. Legal Motorized Bicycling with confidence.  If motorizing your bike,  read about bike to engine specifications. Email us at edge@bikemotor.com with questions. Our motorized bike details are but a click away. All new styles for 2017. To co-incide with our Grand opening of a new store. We have recently received replacement parts for some older bicycle engines.


with "shift on the fly" technology. Click on 50cc recumbent picture to see the whole engine under cover.

motorized recumbentHonda 35cc

We offer Honda 4 stroke engines with 35 or 50cc. Our warranted engines for bicycles drive the rear tire of human powered vehicles, "the bike", with dependability, and fun!.


Our mount systems fit all bicycles. We guarantee fit if we know the bike you plan to use. No other Bicycle engine manufacture offers that". And we are legal.


Great for every day chores and that 20+ mile trek to work.


View our Bicycle Engine Specifications in 2 and 4 stroke varieties.  Call us at 406-652-6766 or order online at . Our mounts fit  American, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Korean, and  other engines with 78 mm clutches. The world standard.


We offer fully assembled, ready to ride,  palate shipped,  motorized bikes, recumbent bicycles and tricycles.

300 pound riders climb  8% grades without peddling. Dimension Edge is designed to augment the human's ability to propel a bicycle.

Clean, dependable, simple and quiet bicycle engines to motorize bikes. Engine systems start at $499. Or as shown, aluminized with shift on the fly,  $699 with FOUR interchangeable gearing ratios!

Four top reasons people choose our design: DBL click bicycle engine pictures.

  1. SAFETY: Shock absorbing engine mount handles the bumps. No belts, no chains to derail causing sudden lock-up. Far less maintenance, weight or risk. Peace of mind when sharing the road with cars and trucks.

  2. STREET LEGAL: STILL a bicycle.  Engage and disengage engine while riding. That's the law. While disengaged the engine mount is just a bike rack. Cool, a real neutral. Pedal as much or as little as you like. We GUARANTEE IT!

  3. VALUE: "SHIFT ON THE FLY" Simply engage while riding, the engine self starts! No hand pulling needed. No batteries. No troubles. No wasted gas. Add centrifugal clutch option for a net price increase of $89.

  4. DIVERSITY: We guarantee a fit on your existing bicycle! Just tell us what bike you plan to use. Specialty bikes have become a regular with us. We offer complete, ready to ride,  fresh out of the crate, motorized bikes.

  5. We offer tires, lights, luggage carriers, the works. We now special order all FOLDERS (but we will build and ship) JUST 16' WIDE, 24" TALL, 32" LONG and 42 LBS! Til you unfold it.

  6. LEGAL 30 mph, solid, no leaks, and fits in a bag. 406-652-6766 to order.

Dimension EDGE and bikemotor.com offer a sturdy design coupled with interchangeable gear ratios, and proven wet weather system outlasts historic frailties of belt and chain drive competition.

 Everything is included. We guarantee the fit too.  

So "Let the good times roll!"


We welcome almost require calls. 406-652-6766.

Got an engine of you own, but like our mounts? Buy just the mounts for $129. Or the Honda centrifugal clutch/PTO for $129 with  at

click on trike engine to enlarge pictures.


If you own a Recumbent TRICYCLE with Maxxis Tires, Suspension, dual disk brakes. We offer the bike engine for it!


See utube video on the dimension edge channel.

Called "40 mph trike".

Questions? email energyconservingpeople@gmail.com 

Dimension EDGE Bicycle Engines
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Phone: 406-652-6766 Website: http://www.bikemotor.com
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Power any bike with our motorized bolt on kit. We offer parts, friendly service, and a 30 day return policy.

2015 50cc AZTEC S.S. Bicycle Engine System. $569.00

Click "here" to view EASY INSTALL Guide

Over 150 MPG!

Guaranteed Street Legal

YOUR CHOICE for $799.00


Assembled motorized bicycles includes aluminum frame, 21 gears, front shocks. or on a Beach Cruiser.


Ready to ride.   Goes 30 mph.

 DBL click bicycle engine pictures for info links.


Fully Assembled Freight.



Beach Cruiser as shown with engine just $799.

 See our motorized bikes in action on YouTube. Look for the dimensionedge channel!  


We have a few

Authentic Schwinn Sting Ray Spoiler with the "Four Legged Freak Springer" 
 front suspension, DUAL DISK BRAKES, and all aluminum frame.

Guaranteed clean, unopened, with original manuals  

In original containers.

A true collector item! $1399


Add a Honda  4-Stroke engine to motorize any bike or chopper for $569!


Email energyconservingpeople@gmail.com. or call 406 652-6766 for quote.



 Thank-You for you consideration.


This is how clean our power can be for you.